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Last week I wrote about an amazing project that our 4's class is working on and asked you to stay tuned for more. Well, this week has proven to be just as exciting! (To refresh your memory, you can visit the blog post entitled Building a Neighborhood from January 10, 2017) After building an entire neighborhood with homes, streets, waterways, and more, the Dubonim class delved into making a map of their neighborhood. First, the children talked about how maps are drawn. They looked at a state map of Maryland and drew maps of some of their favorite places. The teacher took a photo of what the children built in the classroom and used that as a guide for drawing a large map of their neighborh

Building a neighborhood

During the first week back from Winter Break, the Dubonim children were eager to greet each other and share their experiences with the class. There was much discussion about playing at home and seeing the surprise snow shower! Some children explained that they saw it snowing from the window while they were inside their homes. Following Morning Meeting, we decided to create the scene where they observed the snow shower or a setting where they wanted it to snow As some children were drawing their homes, the discussion turned toward having play dates. “Well, everybody can come to my house!” exclaimed one child. The teacher suggested that the class is like having one big play date. “It’s n

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