It's that time of year again...Box Week!

The most anticipated week of the Spring is here...Box Week! The children have quickly embraced the idea of putting away their toys and using boxes for play. Their imaginations are going wild as they climb into the boxes, stand on them, bang on them, color on them, wear them and more! Here is a gallery showing many of the activities that have transpired and creations that have come to life throughout the week. Click on the photos below to enlarge and read the descriptions!

Yom Ha'atzmaut Celebration

What an amazing day today at the ECC! We celebrated Yom Ha'atzmaut by getting our passports stamped and boarding the ELAL plane. After watching the safety video (in English and Hebrew) the children were "flown" to Israel to see many beautiful sites such as the Kotel, The Dead Sea, Tel Aviv, Shuk Ha Carmel, and more! We sang Hatikvah and danced to Israeli songs. Morah Rena joined the program and taught us all about Israel by using the large Israeli floor map. Some of our children arrived wearing their Israel sun hats, light up headbands and 70 year glasses. Here are some of the highlights of the day. Be sure to click through the photos to see the enlarged gallery.

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