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Simchat Torah Celebration

From the desk of Meredith S.

parade 1.jpg

The children enjoyed a beautiful Simchat Torah parade on the day before the chag. Our music teacher, Anne Laurie, joined our classes in the Beit Kinesset for music and learning. First, the children marched around the room showing off their flags that they prepared for the chag.


Then, the children joined me at the bima for a lesson about the Torah. We opened the Aron Kodesh and counted the number of Torahs inside. We talked about how we wear clothing to protect our bodies just like the Torah wears a beautiful dresses. The children were quick to point out that Kings and Queens wear elaborate crowns and necklaces like the Torah wears. We undid the belt that held the Torah together to see the hebrew writing inside and we used a special yad to point to the text.

parade 2.jpg

We finished up our lessons with a quick song and dance on our way out of the Beit Kinesset.

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