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If you were in the school today...

From the desk of Meredith S. would see signs of Shabbat and Chanukah in every classroom. Here is a peek into your child's classroom window.


Here is the Kofim class Chanukah Provocation Table. Provocations are scenarios, questions, or problems that invite children to explore

specific concepts or topics as a group. This special table is inviting the children to look at the symbols of Chanukah. Sivionim, Chanukiot, cad katan, neirot and photos of latkes, gelt and hebrew letters are all used as instruments for learning about the upcoming chag.


The Susim and Peelim classes celebrate Shabbat by donating tzedakah together and handing out challah to their friends.


The Tzavim class watches Morah Natalie as she demonstrates lighting the candles on Shabbat.


The Parparim celebrate Shabbat with Sammy (the frog) and the Dubonim work together to pass out the Shabbat placemats.


Morah Heather leads the 3's and 4's classes in our Ta'am Shel Shabbat program.


In keeping with our school's over-arching theme for 2014-2015 of "Relationships", Morah Galya created a beautiful chanukiah showing pictures of the children and their families.


And, if you haven't been to visit the upstairs of our school, below is a peek at the 4's Chanukah bulletin boards. Working together, the children wound yarn around tubes to create a large class Chanukiah. On the opposite board, they cut, glued and arranged "found materials" to create beautiful Chanukah pictures. See is you can spot the Sivion among the many Chanukiot!Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach.

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