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Exciting Website for Parents

For this school year BSECC will begin its participation in a special initiative called PJ Goes to School. Some of you are already familiar with PJ Library, a Jewish family engagement program that mails free, high-quality Jewish literature to families raising Jewish children. We are fortunate that local funders here in Greater Washington, along with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, make this program possible for our families.

An important part of PJ Library is PJ Goes to School, a program dedicated to enhancing the Jewish content of the classroom through the use of PJ Library books to enrich and extend the early childhood curriculum, strengthen bonds between home and school, and spark meaningful Jewish conversations in class, on the playground, and at home.

We are delighted that Beth Sholom has been selected to participate in the PJ Goes to School program. We will receive special PJ Library books every month, along with professional development and resource material to aid us in weaving the Jewish values of these books into all aspects of our curriculum.

One of the many benefits associated with this program is a teriffic website geared towards parents & families. Their site includes:

  • Videos related to the holidays and Jewish values;

  • Holiday songs;

  • Hebrew words;

  • Crafting activities for you to do in your home;

  • Reading tips;

  • Links to Jewish websites;

  • and, they also have a Pinterest website!

With all of the holidays upon us, you can click on these links to watch some videos related to Sukkot, the etrog and having guests in your Sukkah.


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