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Celebrating The Season

The colors of Autumn are all around us and our classes are exploring touch, tastes and sounds of the season. A snapshot of each classroom is highlighted here where you will also see elements of the Thanksgiving holiday woven throughout their work.

Parparim children learned all about sticky items. They stuck leaves they collected onto sticky paper.

The Peelim class watercolored cards for their families.

The Barvazim class cut open a pumpkin and explored the insides!

They also looked at the shadows made by the trees and leaves on our playground walls.

The Kofim class built their own fire to cook food like the Pilgrims.

They also used pipe cleaners to "weave" a rug like the Native Americans.

Tzavim kids all added their own touch to a tree mural.

After collecting pinecones, the Ariyot class painted them in bright colors.

The Peelim class showed appreciation to the office staff by making cookies and delivering them.

They also water colored cards for their families.

The Shfanim class investigates the inside of a pumpkin.

After building boats with paper, sticks and Plastilina, the Dagim children tested the boats on water.

The Dubonim class worked their muscles making pinch pots out of clay.

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