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"The ECC is exceptional, and we feel blessed to have found a home here. From the day our children started, they have been loved and nurtured by the faculty. Our children tell us something new they learn every day. The ECC is central in their Jewish identity. " - Ben S.

מדובר בגן מדהים! שני ילדינו שבגן יוצאים וחוזרים כל יום עם חיוך על הפנים! הצוות הוא נפלא, מלא בחום, אהבה ופעילויות מקוריות. 

כל שבוע הילדים חוזרים עם יצירות מושקעות וסיפורים על חוויות למידה משמעותיות בנושאים מגוונים והנאה רבה עם  הצוות וחבריהם לגן!

הגן מגלה גם הבנה רבה לבאים מישראל. ילדינו נכנסו לגן ללא ידיעת אנגלית וזכו לתמיכה רבה ולסיוע תוך שהם לומדים אנגלית במהירות מפתיעה! 

ממליצים בחום רב על הגן!

- Nadav Z.

"We have been so thrilled with our experience at the Beth Sholom ECC. This was the first "school" experience for our 3 year old as she was in a nanny share until COVID began, and it was very hard for her to say goodbye to her nanny when we moved. She has thrived at the ECC and she is so happy! The teachers were so loving and nurturing, especially in those first few transition months. When we pick her up from school and ask how her day was, she always responds with "Amazing!" We could not be happier with our choice to send her to the ECC and highly recommend it." - Rella K.

Beth Sholom ECC is a learning community, built to advocate for the growth and development of the whole child.  Embracing our strong Jewish identity, we are committed to providing a rich and loving environment that emphasizes experiential, sensory-based, hands on learning.

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