"I don't believe we could ever put into words the love and gratitude we feel for the ECC. Here our children feel loved and cared for. They are excited to go to school every single day and are disappointed on weekend mornings when we have to remind them how many more days until they get to see their wonderful teachers and friends. To taste even a snippet of this magical school, one need only to spend 5 minutes at drop off in the mornings. Every single morning - rain or shine - the children are greeted with so much love and joy from every member of the staff. I drive away each day feeling so happy knowing my children will have the most wonderful day. And because of the way in which all the learning happens - organically, through well thought out programming and experienced teachers - my children come home with a wealth of knowledge that they are constantly excited by." - Annie R.

"We originally chose the ECC because we moved and in addition to being close and convenient, we had family and friends already attending.  Our daughter struggled with the change in schools, especially with her brother now attending a new school.  Everyone really stepped up to help her during this difficult transition and helped her to find her comfort zone.  She is so happy to go to school and could not wait to return after the long closing due to the pandemic.  When we had a health crisis in our family, again, the team at Beth Sholom stepped up and offered their support.  It feels like a family and we are so happy here!" - Stephanie F.


מדובר בגן מדהים! שני ילדינו שבגן יוצאים וחוזרים כל יום עם חיוך על הפנים! הצוות הוא נפלא, מלא בחום, אהבה ופעילויות מקוריות. 

כל שבוע הילדים חוזרים עם יצירות מושקעות וסיפורים על חוויות למידה משמעותיות בנושאים מגוונים והנאה רבה עם  הצוות וחבריהם לגן!

הגן מגלה גם הבנה רבה לבאים מישראל. ילדינו נכנסו לגן ללא ידיעת אנגלית וזכו לתמיכה רבה ולסיוע תוך שהם לומדים אנגלית במהירות מפתיעה! 

ממליצים בחום רב על הגן!


"Its an amazing kindergarten! Both our children at the ECC leave home and come back every day with smile on their faces! The whole team is wonderful, filled with warmth, love and original ideas for activities.  Every week our kids return with creative crafts and stories of meaningful learning experiences in variety of subjects and much enjoyment and fun with the staff and classroom friends! The ECC also demonstrates great understanding to families coming from Israel.  Our kids arrived at the ECC with no English and received much support while learning English surprisingly quickly!  We warmly recommend the ECC!" - Nadav Z.

"We have been so thrilled with our experience at the Beth Sholom ECC. This was the first "school" experience for our 3 year old as she was in a nanny share until COVID began, and it was very hard for her to say goodbye to her nanny when we moved. She has thrived at the ECC and she is so happy! The teachers were so loving and nurturing, especially in those first few transition months. When we pick her up from school and ask how her day was, she always responds with "Amazing!" We could not be happier with our choice to send her to the ECC and highly recommend it." - Rella K.

"We arrived in the US from Israel for a 2-year fellowship at the NIH. Upon our arrival we searched for a place where our 4 year old daughter would be safe and accepted. From the very first Zoom meeting with Heather it was clear that Beth Sholom would be the place for her. The combination of a super friendly, happy staff and a place where our non-English speaking daughter could still be understood was wonderful. Our daughter is happy to go to the ECC every morning and every afternoon we hear her funny tales of the day's events. We highly recommend BSECC to every Israeli family coming to the area and every local Jewish family as well." - David & Jenny Y.

"We are in our second year at Beth Sholom and are honored to send our daughter to the ECC. We are truly humbled by the passion and dedication of the teachers and administrators. They all go above and beyond on a daily basis. We decided to initially send our daughter to the ECC at Beth Sholom after our incredible tour and interview with Morah Heather. She was warm, respectful, and kind. These traits can also be seen with Morah Meredith and Morah Michelle. In addition, the teachers portray similar qualities and strive to continually teach our daughter to learn and grow. Our daughter loves going to school and has received a great education. She has acquired a strong Jewish foundation and is even picking up some Hebrew! She has also made some amazing friendships at the same time. I have recommended Beth Sholom to my friends and family and will continue to do so. Thank you for everything and soon you will see our son!" - Jennifer T.

"We could not have imagined a more wonderful early childhood experience for our children than the Beth Sholom ECC. Our children's teachers dedicate themselves everyday to teaching our children new ideas and skills, fostering social connections, nourishing their spirits as individuals, and showing them endless love and care. Even at a young age, our children's love of Jewish life and Jewish community is palpable, and we especially enjoy seeing the magic of Jewish holidays and Hebrew language open up for them. We are so grateful to have BSECC in our family's life." - Dita C.

"I picked my daughter up from school on a Friday afternoon and took her for ice cream. While sitting in the store, she sang Yerushalaim Shel Zahav followed by God Bless America. This beautifully captures the essence of the Beth Sholom ECC."

                                                      -Jeremy W.


"The ECC has been a wonderful first school experience for our son in the toddler class. As I drop him off every morning, I feel confident that not only he will have fun and learn new things, he will also feel loved and well cared for. He has been thriving all year and has gone from speaking just a dozen of words to knowing and singing multiple Passover songs by heart. The ECC is truly a special place and I recommend it to any parent looking for a warm and caring school for their toddler." - Sarah B.

"Beth Sholom ECC provided a loving and nurturing environment for my son. He knew what was expected of him and rarely had difficulty adapting to the routine as the classroom rules were introduced and enforced with love. He learned to listen, share and collaborate and his individuality and curiosity were never stifled in the process. Beth Sholom takes hungry caterpillars and gives them wings - without the stomachache in between!


Thank you for two amazing years. We miss you all!"

-Yudi, Ellie and Akiva R.

“We choose the ECC because of the academics, curriculum, and proximity to our home. It is a very warm family environment. Our son loves going to school there and has learned a lot in the 2 years we have been enrolled.”

-Yana F.

"Beth Sholom ECC has been home to our 3 children for years! We chose the ECC because of the warm atmosphere, and the inspiring educational curriculum that focuses on Judaism and Jewish values. The teachers and staff are caring, nurturing and like family. Our daughter has blossomed this year and not only knows her ABC's and 123's but has made strong friendships with classmates, is proud of her creative projects, and loves school! We highly recommend the ECC!" - Michal H.

"The ECC is exceptional, and we feel blessed to have found a home here. From the day our children started, they have been loved and nurtured by the faculty. Our children tell us something new they learn every day. The ECC is central in their Jewish identity. " - Ben S.


"Beth Sholom ECC is simply an amazing place. It was hard for me to send my child anywhere for the first time, but we sent him to camp for the summer at 2 and fell in love with the school community and staff and had to send him there for school. The teachers are loving, kind, patient (beyond belief!) and he was clearly taken care of. Boy did he learn a lot! He grew up so much in one year. We are so grateful to the entire staff! I can't recommend the school more."

                                                                 -Rachel C.


"This is our 6th year as an ECC family and we couldn’t be happier.  The ECC is a warm and loving place and I have complete peace of mind that my child is taken care of during the day.  Plus, my child comes home with the biggest smile on her face every day!"

-Jackie W.

"Thank you for an amazing 4 years with both of my sons. In the ECC you can feel the love and care of all the teachers. We enjoyed the fact that the boys can speak English and Hebrew and in both languages they learned so much. Love the creativity the place has to offer. Great place. Highly recommend."

-Revital S.

"Beth Sholom ECC is our home away from home. It’s a place where teachers not just teach to each child’s level but nurture my children too... for 12 years & counting!

-Aimee L.

"Sending my son to Beth Sholom ECC was the best decision we made! My son grew up in so many special ways.  He learned how to use words to express his needs and identify familiar people and objects. He learned how to share toys. The teachers at Beth Sholom are highly trained and very professional with the children. They have lots of activities such as outdoor running and jumping. My son enjoys his music classes, his yoga class, and plenty more!


Beth Sholom ECC is much more than a day care provider. They helping my child learn, grow and prepare for entering the next step of his educational path. I feel very secure and comfortable every day and that's the most important feeling for a mom!

                                                                                                           - Maya A.

"We chose the ECC because of recommendations ... the focus was less on schedule and learning materials and more relaxed and in tune with what the kids wanted to do but still with enough discipline and borders."

-Naomi M.

"We currently have 2 kids at ECC.  Every time we drop them off, we know that they are at a place where they are loved and nurtured. The educational programming is great and the teachers are loving and creative. It is a superb Jewish environment for learning!"


-Stephanie G.