"Beth Shalom ECC is simply an amazing place. It was hard for me to send my child anywhere for the first time, but we sent him to camp for the summer at 2 and fell in love with the school community and staff and had to send him there for school. The teachers are loving, kind, patient (beyond belief!) and he was clearly taken care of. Boy did he learn a lot! He grew up so much in one year. We are so grateful to the entire staff! I can't recommend the school more."

                                                                 -Rachel C.

"I picked my daughter up from school on a Friday afternoon and took her for ice cream. While sitting in the store, she sang Yerushalaim Shel Zahav followed by God Bless America. This beautifully captures the essence of the Beth Sholom ECC."

                                                      -Jeremy W.

"Beth Sholom ECC provided a loving and nurturing environment for my son. He knew what was expected of him and rarely had difficulty adapting to the routine as the classroom rules were introduced and enforced with love. He learned to listen, share and collaborate and his individuality and curiosity were never stifled in the process. Beth Sholom takes hungry caterpillars and gives them wings - without the stomachache in between!


Thank you for two amazing years. We miss you all!"

-Yudi, Ellie and Akiva R.

“We choose the ECC because of the academics, curriculum, and proximity to our home. It is a very warm family environment. Our son loves going to school there and has learned a lot in the 2 years we have been enrolled.”

-Yana F.

"Beth Sholom ECC is our home away from home. It’s a place where teachers not just teach to each child’s level but nurture my children too... for 12 years & counting!

-Aimee L.

"This is our 6th year as an ECC family and we couldn’t be happier.  The ECC is a warm and loving place and I have complete peace of mind that my child is taken care of during the day.  Plus, my child comes home with the biggest smile on her face every day!"

-Jackie W.

"Thank you for an amazing 4 years with both of my sons. In the ECC you can feel the love and care of all the teachers. We enjoyed the fact that the boys can speak English and Hebrew and in both languages they learned so much. Love the creativity the place has to offer. Great place. Highly recommend."

-Revital S.

"We currently have 2 kids at ECC.  Every time we drop them off, we know that they are at a place where they are loved and nurtured. The educational programming is great and the teachers are loving and creative. It is a superb Jewish environment for learning!"


-Stephanie G.

"Sending my son to Beth Sholom ECC was the best decision we made! My son grew up in so many special ways.  He learned how to use words to express his needs and identify familiar people and objects. He learned how to share toys. The teachers at Beth Sholom are highly trained and very professional with the children. They have lots of activities such as outdoor running and jumping. My son enjoys his music classes, his yoga class, and plenty more!


Beth Sholom ECC is much more than a day care provider. They helping my child learn, grow and prepare for entering the next step of his educational path. I feel very secure and comfortable every day and that's the most important feeling for a mom!

                                                                                                           - Maya A.

"We chose the ECC because of recommendations ... the focus was less on schedule and learning materials and more relaxed and in tune with what the kids wanted to do but still with enough discipline and borders."

-Naomi M.

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