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Israeli Dance  -  Cooking  -  Art  -  Book Club  -  Science  -  Hebrew Language  - Noah's Ark  


Here is a sampling of our enrichment classes that are part of our core day for those enrolled in 3 year old program .   While the programs are subject to change, here are a some of our regular and most popular activities.   


Israeli Dance

Led by one of our Israeli teachers, this class offers your child dance and movement to Israeli music.  Supplemented with musical instruments, parachutes, scarves and more, the children learn to love the sounds of the music through their body movements. 


Enjoy getting messy with our hands-on cooking class.  Through taste and touch, we will create treats that relate to many different holidays and times that occur during the school year.  Learning about measuring, cutting, stirring and more, we will learn how to follow a recipe and become mini chefs!


This enrichment class uses science activities to help explore the world around us.  Through experimentation and questioning, our children gain a deeper understanding of how things work; what our senses are used for; and what you can do with simple materials. 
At times, themes are stretched out over several weeks for deeper exploration into a particular topic.  Hands-on learning is the key to this enrichment class.



Taught by a native Israeli, our Hebrew Enrichment class introduces our children to the aleph bet.  Each month a new letter is presented to the class.  Hebrew letter recognition is reinforced through songs, finger play, sounds, and tracing and coloring.  Games, puzzles and pictures are used to help supplement their understanding of the letters.


This creative class helps children develop their artistic skills, along with sensory, fine and gross motor skills.  The children learn about color, texture, techniques, and more while experimenting with new, engaging materials.  They gain confidence in self-expression and exploration through a hands-on experience.

Book Club

A book club is a great way for children to combine learning and fun.  Some of what this class entails will be visiting the library; learning how to care for books; doing projects related to books; and more.  Each month the teacher will introduce a new book to explore.  The children will be discussing authors, illustrators, characters and scenery, among many other things.  

Noah's Ark

Come sail on Noah's Ark! Each week we discover a new letter of the alphabet and an animal that starts with that special sound. From Ants to Zebras its time to meet an animal, read a story, do an art project or solve a puzzle. We spend lots of time considering the proper environments for our furry friends and underwater pals. Going on a Bear Hunt has never been so much fun!

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