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Box Week Wrap Up

Box Week was great! In fact, some of the classes are still playing with the boxes this week. The children, with help from their teachers, built some amazing box creations. Imagination is a wonderful thing when given the opportunity to show itself! Here is a wrap-up of the week's excitement.

The Tzavim apartment building

Peelim using "telescopes"

Peelim kids riding the bus

It's nap time in the Dubonim class

Dubonim's castle

Peelim shooting hoops

Tzavim tissue box slippers

Tzavim's train

Parparim robots

Barvazim painting boxes

Parparim dress-up

Kofim's rocketship

Exploring tunnels in Kofim

Crunched up in a Susim box

Working on the Barvazim plane

Parparim Meeting Time

Peek-A-Boo Tzavim

Susim closets

Parparim tunnel art

Looking through the Kofim window

Kofim painting buildings

Barvazim naptime

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