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Celebrating Yom Ha'atzmaut

We've been having so much fun experimenting, painting, cutting, counting and more, as we look for ways to learn about Israel and it's flag. Blue and white have been the focus of many projects as you can see below. At the culmination of our week of learning, in honor of Israel's 75 years of Independence, we celebrated in a very special way! Arriving in all blue and white today, our children were ready for a day of "travel". We started off with an Israeli snack. Pita and hummus followed by Israeli salad that we made by ourselves! Then, we grabbed our passports and tickets and headed to the "airport" for a "trip" to Israel. You can see from the photos that we visited loads of places including Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and the Shuk. We did some Israeli dancing and waved our flags up high. It was a spectacular day for everyone at the ECC! It's been a true honor celebrating Israel with the children of the ECC!


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