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ECC Specialist Program

We offer a variety of specialized activities that your child participates in weekly with his/her class.
In addition, school-wide special programs are scheduled throughout the year.


Our music teacher, Anne Laurie Josephs, works with our children to help develop their love of music through song, dance, movement games and instruments. With an array of styles, music helps children explore the power of rhythm, melody, tonality and beat while nurturing key physical, social and intellectual skills.  They also learn about famous musicians and their music.


Morah Lilach joins our students weekly for a special Yoga class.  She teaches yoga through music, games and stories. Children use their bodies to become trees, dogs, butterflies, and whatever else their imagination takes them to.  Children are also taught breathing techniques and short meditations in a fun playful setting.


Shabbat Sing

Once a month Rabbi Antine and Maharat Fructer joins the ECC and our music teacher, Anne Laurie, for Shabbat Sing. They talk about the Parasha using puppets to tell a lively story and demonstrate special items for the holidays. 


Our Hebrew program includes a broad range of developmentally appropriate activities and interactive teaching aids all taught in Hebrew.  This includes using books read to the class and directions given to the kids in Hebrew. Everything that is said is reinforced through movement, song and repetition, and Hebrew language is blended with activities that improve fine and gross motor skills.


Our children have a chance to practice following direction and using their gross motor skills while running, jumping, crawling and hopping to music.  The instructor uses parachute, frisbees, scarves, hula hoops and more to teach the children stretching techniques for using their bodies in movement games and activities. 


Students can get a head start on early reading success, if they are given opportunities to use libraries. Our library exposes children to all kinds of stories including special books about holidays, animals, weather, feelings, and many, many more topics.  Storytime in the library is a great way to promote early literacy.

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