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Election Day at the ECC

“Today you vote,” Erez said. “Today you vote for the president,” Yagel said knowingly.

“One is Biden and one is Trump,” Eli explained.

Inspired by a special treat of ice cream for election day, the 4's children got the chance to learn about elections and hold one of their own. But, before they could cast their vote, they listened to some campaigning and commercials about how voting works and how to fill out a ballot. The children got to chose between their two favorite ice cream flavors of the day.

The ballot choice flavors were Strawberry or Cookies & Cream.

The children and teachers filled out their ballots.

The pollsters are predicted that Cookies & Cream may be the big winner in the Dagim class elections. Unfortunately, they had to wait a day to see the results because they were still collecting absentee ballots.



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